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TGIF. Well, not so much, because only a couple of days and I leave Houston, and so ends my mentorship with Robyn Arouty. (sad face). It’s amazing how fast the week has gone by, and to look back at all that has taken place in it. Today was about tying up loose ends, and getting things situated for the big day ahead tomorrow, “Pocket Shots”! Which I will explain in a minute.

Robyn has been assigning tasks along the way, even before I arrived in Houston, and although knew it was all helpful, now realizing that there was a method behind the madness, so to speak. Such as my final project, (which will be revealed on Sunday) and how I was able to develop and create in a much different way then I might have before the mentorship, only a week ago even. I imagine it to be like never venturing beyond the block you live on. Then one day, you’ve been given the approval to do what ever you want, go wherever you want and explore. Almost like Jim Carrey in the movie, ‘The Truman Show’. He’s been living within the structured boundaries all of his life, and just knows there’s more out there. That gut feeling. Then in the end, he’s freed physically and emotionally. I know, pretty deep stuff, but this process I’m discovering hasn’t been just about the photography for me. It’s been about following a passion. My passion. It didn’t begin in photography, but something stirring inside expressing itself in other forms along the way. My card making, writing and art in general. It’s all surfacing, and here I am still vulnerable in my skin, yet feeling free to be who I am, and ok with it.

One of my favorite parts of the mentorship was Robyn so generously taking the time to take my bio pic shots. I am not of fan of having my picture taken, so I left it in Robyn’s hands, and did my best to roll with it, and relax. Robyn had to crack the whip a bit (and you know she does that well), but it all came together and so happy with the final result. Bam! One thing to mention is the backdrop in my profile pic is the one I created for my final project. Nice, right? A little hint of what the final project will look like.

Sit down one on ones with Robyn for Lightroom and Photoshop have been so helpful, and taking the time to fine tune my skills is going to help me get to the next level. Holla! (another Robynism) LOL. Followed the one on one with some time out and about today to get some more shots to practice my natural lighting ability, as well as composition style. The area we’re in has some great urban texture and backdrop. Love me some train tracks, rusty metal and rotted wood stairs. Who wouldn’t?! Our day was coming to an end, and attention needed to be turned toward tomorrow’s big shoot! Pocket Shots!

Robyn created Pocketshots with animal welfare organizations in mind—more specifically rescues, who work so tirelessly to save Houston’s precious lives every day. Each event benefits a different group & Robyn has donated over $30,000 to area rescues since pocketshots began in November 2010. Saturday’s shoot will be working with PugHearts, a wonderful rescue located in Houston. There is much that goes into the planning of these shoots. Backdrops are created from scratch, props are determined, and much effort goes into getting the word out for this great event. People go crazy for Pocket Shots! Generally these events get booked up within minutes of notice being announced. Women will buy shoes especially for this event, make-up will be applied just right, and dogs fluffed to perfection. The set for this specific event is AMAZEBALLS!!! Can’t wait to share with you.

So, off to get ready, and will continue tomorrow!

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