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Boudoir Beautiful

As many of you know I specialize in portraiture photography with people and their pets. However, a client asked if I would do a special shoot of her for her man, in a beautiful boudoir fashion. I have always found boudoir photography very alluring, and an artistic form of photography, celebrating the beauty of women […]

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Sweetlight Workshop – Enlightened by Inspiring Talent

Concepts created by: Work of Heart Photography Hair by: San-Diego-Makeup-Artistry-by-Allison-Tartari Hair Pieces by: Love Crush Bowtique MY heart a twitter, and my mind racing, and no, not from missing my meds. LOL…. From the most inspiring workshop I had the chance to be a part of with Skye Hardwick Edmonds. The owner and creator of […]

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Bella The Beauty

As I have the opportunity to work in the studio each day, I am lucky to meet one by one Colleen’s darling furry loves. For those who have not met Colleen yet, she is a life saver of many furry creatures. Her heart could wrap around the world many times over for all that she […]

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So excited to share with all of you the next phase of my new endeavor! Robyn Arouty was ‘in the house’ recently! It was awesome to have her come out to California for part 2 of Project Mentorship! When I embarked on changing my life around with my new photography business I knew I was […]

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Eddie-Service Love

Everyone meet sweet Eddie! He is a service dog in the complex I help out at during the week. We are lucky enough to get to see him each day when he comes by the office to greet us. The love he shows his owner, and the dedication of his unconditional service is one in […]

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Final Project – New Beginning

It’s Wednesday, and Robyn and I have just met up to begin our day. I mentioned this previous, but for those of you who may not have had the opportunity to catch up, Robyn decided that she was going to change up the itinerary on me, just a bit. One of my fears moving forward […]

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Mother’s Day

Yesterday morning was filled with mixed emotions. Sad to leave Houston, and my mentorship with Robyn Arouty, but so excited to get back, see my family and put myself out there for my new endeavor. With everything coming together as it has, I can’t help but know this hasn’t all been for nothing, and that […]

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Behind the Scenes of Pocket Shots!

Well, the last full day is upon us, and it’s a big day. As mentioned in my previous post, Robyn had her Pocket Shots scheduled for today, and went from 8am-7pm. Nicole, did an amazing job on the backdrop. All hand done, by the way. So when you take a gander at the photos I […]

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Moving on Up

TGIF. Well, not so much, because only a couple of days and I leave Houston, and so ends my mentorship with Robyn Arouty. (sad face). It’s amazing how fast the week has gone by, and to look back at all that has taken place in it. Today was about tying up loose ends, and getting […]

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The Progress of Creating

A little over half way through my mentorship with Robyn Arouty. How time flies when you’re working hard, having fun and learning lots! I would be lying if I said it’s been easy. However, it’s been truly enlightening and empowering. Especially to know that when I leave here I will have learned more then anyone […]

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