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To Be Continued

Another early morning rise, and the preparations for the day have begun. Coffee—check. Blog—check. Brush teeth—check. Fedora on, and so the day awaits. I am learning a great deal from Robyn about all the necessary details when coordinating photo shoots. You see a photo, the people look pretty, right? But that’s what is the beauty [...]

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It’s a Process

The day begins like any other; wake up, drink my coffee, gather my thoughts, but then it stops there. Predictability and routine is for the 9-5 business man walking through mid-town, brief case in tow and cell phone in hand. So, maybe the cell phone in hand might be the same, but that’s where the [...]

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Operation Mentorship with Robyn Arouty

I have fallen into the eclectic and creative world of Robyn Arouty. No, it’s not the rabbit hole in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, but it’s darn close. I can’t even express the excitement I have built up for the awesome opportunity I have been granted to mentor under Robyn this week. Have you ever shied away [...]

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