Behind the Scenes of Pocket Shots!

Well, the last full day is upon us, and it’s a big day. As mentioned in my previous post, Robyn had her Pocket Shots scheduled for today, and went from 8am-7pm. Nicole, did an amazing job on the backdrop. All hand done, by the way. So when you take a gander at the photos I post, make sure to appreciate the fine artistry and detail of the backdrop. Nicole spent two full days until weeee hours into the morning painting and sketching this all out by hand. Amaze-balls (my new trendy word for the month). She worked, while I slept. It was a great partnership.

For the Pocket Shots today Robyn worked with PugHearts of Houston, and a portion of the proceeds went to this wonderful rescue run by Cindy, who is the Director, and Emily her right hand pug gal. They are a dedicated group, and care a great deal about their pups, I mean pugs. I love their motto “Pugs, Not Drugs”. Cool, right? I’ll have to think of some snazzy catch phrase for my guys. Side note (or, A.D.D): On a future blog I’ll have to share with you all my wonderful songs I’ve created for my pups. Kind of catchy. Now back to the regularly scheduled post. There is a great deal of effort, time and energy that goes into these events that Robyn does, but it’s so rewarding, and with the passion Robyn and Nicole have for animal rescue causes, the outcome is all too worth it, all in spades. I had the opportunity to be a part of it all, and appreciate how it is pulled together and executed.

We were in the studio early to make sure all of the final details were prepared for our starting time of 8am. Cindy and Emily arrived with Starbucks in hand. Oh bless you both! Non-fat latte is the fuel that gets my neuronal pathways firing (for my science buddies). A few sips and I was ready for some shootn’ to begin. For those of you that know me well enough, and Robyn who got to know me “really” well quick enough, you’ll appreciate Robyn’s strict instructions: ‘sit and watch’, ‘no speaking, unless spoken too’, and ‘if my help was needed they would ask’. I’m sure a few of you are laughing and picking up what I’m putting down with the vibe of these rules. In other words, “Chatty Kathy, pie hole shut please”. Ha! No offense taken. I know I can get flappy gums. It’s all good, in the hood. I didn’t want a can of ‘whoop a–‘ to come out, so big booty in seat, and pie hole was shut. In fact, Robyn looked over at me once, and commented that she almost forgot I was there. I can take instructions….hee hee. I told her not to let me get too comfortable, who knows what I’d do!

The first crew arrived! Teresa came with her lovely girls, and how beautiful they were! And of course ‘she loves her dogs so!’ Robyn and Nicole will appreciate that one. If anyone thinks that photographing dogs is an easy business, please think again! It’s crazy town! But in a good way to me. With Nicole’s quick moves and slight of hand, and Robyn’s fast maneuvers with the camera, Teresa’s pups got a beautiful portrait. And, to mention, if curious at all to see these amazing photos, Robyn posts them on her photography page for all to see! Go to Robyn Arouty Photography (please like), and you’ll see the full set of Pocket Shots. She spends hours after the shoot editing to get these up for their owners and the rest of us to appreciate. So, her work continues long after the sessions are concluded. So, while we’re all getting comfy in our jammies, sipping on hot tea before bed, enjoying some ‘Dancing With the Stars’, or what not, Robyn is glued to her computer screen fine tuning these works of art, just so she can get them out for all to see.

I think I mentioned this in a previous post before as well, so apologize for repeating, but a photographer’s job does not end right after the photo session does. Oh nooo. There is so much time spent making sure that the final edits look good, because only a great photographer would care about these things, right? So, hours of time spent to do all this for the clients. I must say though, that because the passion is there, and this is the art of it all, it’s time creating, like an artist with a painting or sculpture. Only it’s photoshop or lightroom, instead of a brush or clay. So, the reward in the end for the photographer is seeing how happy these moments in time captured makes the clients. And it truly does! Especially for us dog geeks, I mean lovers. (quirky smile)

The day continued with all sorts of wonderful furry friends! We had Heidi, the dachshund. And, oh you must see how pimped her photo turned out. Diane Keaton inspired ensemble (tie and hat). Truly a must see! And, there was Jiles, the english bulldog. I posted a picture of the crazy adorable guy. You know I swooned over him. Slobber and all! We had Shy-anne and Macey, American bulldog mixes with their kitty sister, Coco. Shy-anne’s story would turn your heart upside down. It did me. And the resilience she has shown. Lots can be learned from these guys for us humans, but that’s another post sometime. The day was like a fairy tale land for me. Different dogs to visit with, enjoy and hear their amazing stories of overcoming adversity, and the courage to move on from it, and trust again.

And this is where it all comes together for me. Although along the way during the week I have had my feelings reinforced that this is what I must be doing, my passion; in the midst of hair flying, dogs peeing, pooping, jumping, running and just plain being adorable, I felt at home. And although we were in the studio from 8am-7pm, and then more time (for Robyn) on editing, I had this sense of certainty run from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes, come over me; this is truly what I am suppose to be doing (light bulb moment over my head). I felt in my heart at home, at peace with this decision that has been stirring inside of me these past months (now a tear in my eye). I could be working 7 days a week 24 hours a day doing this, and I wouldn’t feel put out, or beaten up, unappreciated, or unfulfilled. I would be in the perfect spot, happy, content and thankful that I finally found what truly makes me happy. I’ve always heard, do what you feel passionate about, and it won’t feel like work. TADA! This is it. Will I be rich monetarily? Maybe not, but as I have realized through all of this, I feel rich in my heart and soul (so sorry for the sappiness). But it’s not meant to be corny, just authentic. (deep breath out).

I am excited to share with you on another upcoming post my final project. I am truly proud, and if I can say, I think Robyn is too. (big smile on my face). I am a work in progress, such as my photography is, and so glad you have joined me on this journey.

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  1. Posted May 13, 2012 at 10:03 pm by robyn arouty | Permalink

    so enjoyed reading all your posts! much more than a trip down memory lane, i loved hearing the familiar stories through a robin filter. you’re right, i couldn’t be prouder! it was a magical week. you didn’t know the personal goals i set, because i didn’t share them with you. it was never about teaching you to master an f-stop like a pro…nope, my goals were very spiritual & intangible. i wanted you to feel comfortable in your own skin, to feel the joy of what living an authentic & passionate life feels like & to re-commit to making original art for the benefit of homeless animals. i believe i have met all my goals this week. i just love when that happens! xoxo

  2. Posted May 14, 2012 at 4:05 am by nicole bean | Permalink

    it was fun having you! good luck with everything:)

  3. Posted May 16, 2012 at 6:57 pm by Cheryl | Permalink

    Hi Robin! This was such a wonderful detailing of the hard work Ms. Robyn does to give all of us amazingly beautiful pictures of our families, both two-legged and four-legged while supporting rescues throughout the city of Houston. She always makes my girls look FABULOUS! Thank you for mentioning and remembering Shyann and Macy. Shyann wouldn’t be the awesome girl she is today without Macy, and the love and patience it takes to bring in an emotionally scared foster to your home, who changes your life and shows you what being resilient and full of life really means. I will never regret the day I became a foster failure with Shyann. That may have been one of the best decision I’ll ever make in my entire life! I’m so glad you got the opportunity to work with Robyn and be a part of her awesome-ness. Don’t forget about us and come back and visit, ya hear! I’ll bring Shyann and Macy over to hang out. Cocoa will have to stay at home next time though.

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