So excited to share with all of you the next phase of my new endeavor! Robyn Arouty was ‘in the house’ recently! It was awesome to have her come out to California for part 2 of Project Mentorship! When I embarked on changing my life around with my new photography business I knew I was so excited to get out and capture the life of animals, families and children in their natural settings. It was when I came across Robyn’s amazing talent that I thought maybe someday I would delve into the studio side of things, but likely not right away. But then things have a way of presenting themselves at the most unlikely times, and thus is what fell into my lap.

Colleen Adamson of Adamson Gallery is also embarking on an dream endeavor of her own opening a high end art gallery, and fortunately enough, had such a large space, wanted someone to share it with. After some challenges along the way, Colleen reached out and asked if I was interested in pursuing studio photography sooner rather then later. Knowing the location of her soon to be gallery, next to Fox and Goose in the midst of the artist district, I didn’t even blink an eye before I gave out a holla’ ‘YES’! Am I crazy and all that for not even thinking about it? Maybe. But that’s how I am rolling these days. Taking the risks in hopes of pursuing this crazy dream of mine.

And much like my original communications with Robyn about doing the original mentorship, this happened on the fly too. A couple of messages back and forth, and BAM, ticket booked, and Robyn Arouty came to Sacramento to help me set up lighting in the studio. And that seems to be how this has all come together each step of the way. As much as I wonder what in the heck am I doing? LOL I also am just rolling with it as it all falls into place. If it seems to be coming together so easily why be hesitant? No looking back now! Full steam ahead!!!

Colleen and I had a soft opening this past weekend to welcome our friends and the public into what we now call a home away from home. Literally! I think we may need to install a hot stove, sink and toilet, along with a cot. LOL. The instant the doors opened, we had non stop visitors throughout the evening. Part of what we offered was an opportunity to have a photo taken my MUA in my studio! So excited to say that. Just once more…. “In my studio!” Boy does that feel awesome to say. That photo opportunity stirred up a whole different atmosphere. The group was so thrilled to have a moment captured, that a line began to form. And boy were they in their element. I’m sure the wine they were getting from down the hall didn’t hurt either. ha! We had loving couples, small little ones, and my favorite, my family.

I am so grateful for the support of my family who came out, and stayed long enough to see Colleen and me in action as we shared our vision with the public. Also, to see old friends come out to support me was so wonderful. It’s amazing how Facebook brings a community together. Some to mention, Dean Thompson and his cute family, Tommy Trejo and his husband Kendrick just to name a couple. And, new friends to name a couple, Tanja Anderson and her darling husband, Bruce, also made the evening. Through the bond of a dream inspired, visualized and now is actually coming true.

Some of the amazing artists who have so kindly shared their talent within the walls of this wonderful gallery include, Mylette Welch, Gary Dinnen, Matt Flint, Kristen Knight and Marti Somers. Thus far, I should say. Many more talents will be adorning our walls with their brilliance, including Ron Burns and many others.

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