Operation Mentorship with Robyn Arouty

I have fallen into the eclectic and creative world of Robyn Arouty. No, it’s not the rabbit hole in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, but it’s darn close. I can’t even express the excitement I have built up for the awesome opportunity I have been granted to mentor under Robyn this week.

Have you ever shied away from taking a chance, only to regret missed opportunities? I can certainly say I have. Only one day a month ago I decided that regrets are wasteful. I took that chance, and messaged Robyn on Facebook one day about an idea I had with my pursuit as a professional photographer. I had admired Robyn’s whimsical and innovative style of photography for quite some time, and never thought she would have the time nor the interest in such a venture. To my surprise, Robyn welcomed the idea with open arms, and by days end dates were set, flights were booked, and my adventure began! Regrets, a thing of the past.

So today begins ‘Operation Mentorship’. I would love for you to enjoy this ride with me as I maneuver through the week under Robyn’s wing (no pun intended, or, if you must LOL), and gain a broader appreciation of a successful photography business. I am at this moment writing this from the studio. I am staying the week in the studio! I can not think of anything more awesome! My first steps into the studio were just as I imagined; colorful, eclectic and filled with Robyn’s personality. And, what does one do when left a night in Robyn’s photography studio, why, take pictures of course! These photos are just a sample of what you can find in Robyn Arouty’s world.

This is the first of my daily posts for the week. Enjoy, and there will be more to come!

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