Saving Lives


Saving Lives: Shelter/Rescue
As I embarked on this journey to create special imagery of people and their pets, I found myself wondering how I could help bring to light images of animals in need. Those who aren’t as fortunate of being in a loving home…yet. What could I do to capture the true essence of the shelter dogs personalities? How could I help create that imagery that would help people envision these beautiful animals in their home, and draw them to the shelter? Generating a connection for the public to these endearing and lovable animals has become a passion of mine. I am lucky enough to have the personal interaction and see what amazing spirit and heart they each have, but how do I portray that to the average person seeing their picture at a quick glance?

In 2011 I was lucky enough to become part of a local rescue community affiliated with the shelters in my community that provide a chance for some of these amazing animals, ‘Sacramento Shelter Rescue Volunteers’. A group of individuals dedicated to helping save the lives of some incredible animals, who in the past may not have had this second chance. It is through the determination of the volunteers of this group to show the true loving personality of each dog/cat/horse. It is important to bring an increased awareness of giving a second chance to a shelter dog. In 2013 I was then very fortunate to become the photographer for Front Street Animal Shelter and be a part of an amazing team of volunteers who are visionaries in their own right to think outside the box and try new and different ways of bringing awareness to shelter animals and increasing adoption rates every day! I am only a small piece of this huge world of shelters and rescue, and can only hope that my small contribution can help bring awareness to the plight of shelter animals and increase their likelihood of finding an incredible loving home. Remember, Adopt don’t shop…