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A little over half way through my mentorship with Robyn Arouty. How time flies when you’re working hard, having fun and learning lots! I would be lying if I said it’s been easy. However, it’s been truly enlightening and empowering. Especially to know that when I leave here I will have learned more then anyone could in many months time. With that I feel a great foundation has been laid to build upon and grow as my business grows. Tool belt in hand, and ready to shoot; photos that is. Heehee. Never had this excitement over anything; except my pups and pig, no doubt.

Had a wonderful morning to spend enjoying my neighborhood surroundings while walking about and taking photos; of course! Made my way down to the local coffee grind (pun fully intended), and savored my first latte in 5 days. Withdrawl was setting in. Reenergized and rearing to go, I was able to capture some great shots of the eclectic neighborhood the studio is surrounded by. Including some darling dogs around the corner. Two each, scotties and boston terriers. Feisty little guys. Of course, no surprise there. For my Sacramento peeps, a feeling of the East Sac 40’s, off the H street side. My kind of vibe, ya know? After soaking in the local neighborhood sites, it was time to head back and meet Robyn for some serious one on one creative burn. Kind of like a good workout, only for the mind, and editing skillllz. Sound easy? It’s not. Myth: Take photo, and a few minor tweaks later, and voila! Maybe on a few, but not by any stretch of the imagination. Detail on a good photo takes some time. So again, bon bons to the side, and some serious time and knowledge of the editing process is required to get the outcome we all enjoy so much from the seriously talented photographers.

Part of our day yesterday was spent with Robyn teaching me the ropes on proper studio ediquite; which included the basic equipment needed (LOTS), lighting, setting up the staging and all the basic prepping that it entails to create a fabulosity shot. Vanessa, who owns a vintage clothing business (of course I was all on top of that) and her darling 6 month old baby boy, Kai, were the lucky subjects of the day. Of course Vanessa had some darling vintage attire for her little man, and ready he was for his photo debut. Kai showed off his baby modeling skills like no other 6 month old baby I’ve seen. Pose after pose he smiled away, until he didn’t. As any baby of his age, Kai gave us the sign that time was up; a cry and pouty lips. During the shoot I took some behind the scene shots, to edit and share with you all on the blog.

Robyn shared some of her tricks of the trade during the editing portion of our training. It made me realize how much I still have to learn in utilizing Lightroom and Photoshop. Does one ever truly learn it all on these to apps? But what a transformation that can happen to just an ordinary photo if they are used in just the right way. A tweak here, a smoothing here, a color change there, and magic happens! Well, maybe not just like that, but you get the idea. Robyn has been honing her skilllllz for some time now, which is obvious in her photographs. I can only hope that if I could master even a small amount of these apps, that I too can make something beautiful and magical.

Our day winded down, and it was my homework to venture out, shoot in RAW, yes you read it right, not jpg., but RAW. How masterful I felt! Don’t make fun of me, I truly felt like the door opened and the world became my oyster. Camera in hand and walking shoes on I was on a mission. Another part of my homework assignment was to edit my shots just as I learned earlier with Robyn. PHeewwww. Right? What a day, and lots learned! I was exhausted, yet so happy with the progress of it all.

I stayed back at the studio while Robyn went home, and was left to my assignments. And last, but not least is to mention tonight was the big project photography shoot. Can not wait to share with you all in the next post my ‘Final’ portrait. I am in love, and hope you will be too.

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